Xena Alternative Fan Fiction

It's All in the Translation

Mary Cornwell

31 January 1999


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This story in part describes a close emotional bond between two women and in places implies that there is a significant physical dimension to that relationship. Readers that are offended by this concept should read no further. If you are under 18 or it is illegal where you live.... get out of here right now and if you are over 18 be warned that this is story is going to require massive quantities of Amazon Ice which is available at the vending area at the Center for Xena Studies.

With a little help from a couple of bawdy bards...

It had been five years since the original discovery of the Xena Scrolls.

Drs. Pappas and Covington had spent countless hours translating and re-translating the scrolls. Each knowing that there was something missing.

The tales were factual and historic yet they lacked that personal side of Xena Warrior Princess and the bard Gabrielle. As a bard, Gabrielle had written of the travels, trials and the tribulations. She also recounted the joys and triumphs in the early scrolls. In later scrolls it was as if the scrolls were penned with deliberate omissions. It was noticeable that in later scrolls there seemed to be gaps of space and time. It was as if certain parts had been edited with precision so that certain events or aspects of the biographies being hidden.

Janice Covington had journalized her findings dating back to the days of stories told to her by her father. He was convinced that Xena and Gabrielle were in fact more than just friends yet the scrolls showed no evidence to support his theory.

Melinda Pappas being an expert translator also felt something was missing.

Janice often joked with Mel that maybe this feeling she had was really the spirit of Xena speaking through her once again as it had in Macedonia so many years before. Secretly Mel felt that maybe the spirit of her ancestor was trying to speak to her from beyond the grave.

Janice had begun the task of re-translating the scrolls for the umpteenth time when she was struck by the idea that maybe just maybe they didn't have all the scrolls. What if they had missed some?  Was it possible that some how there may have been more...As many times as the scrolls had been translated there was never any mention of not traveling on the road, or fighting against tyrants. There was a beginning but no end.

This is something that Mel had mentioned on many occasions. Did Xena and Gabrielle just drop off the face of the earth? Every fight and battle was documented then it just stopped. Did something happen to the bard? Was Xena killed in battle? And what of their lives away from battle and fighting the good fight? There were so many unanswered questions.

Janice was getting more frustrated as the years passed, not finding the answer...She hatched a plan but wasn’t sure if she could her partner to go along with it.

As Mel was translating the next morning in the library, Janice decided to approach Mel with her idea.

Janice: " Mel how’s the translation coming along." Janice loved to watch Mel work she thought how intelligent as well a beautiful she was.... Janice could never voice her feelings for Mel so she just admired her from afar.

Mel: " Just the same as the last 5 times that I translated them...nothing.... I can’t find anything. " She was also thinking to her self how she wished she could find something and how it would please Janice so...so much maybe she could find the words to tell Janice that she had fallen hopelessly in love with her over the last five years.... not that it would matter since Janice never would feel the same way.

Janice:" How would you like to put those aside for a little adventure."

Mel:" adventure?"

Janice:" yeah, how would you like to accompany me on a dig...Put the scrolls away for a while...go have a little fun.... Then we can come back to them with fresh eyes. What do you say?"

Mel:" Sounds wonderful...Where is the dig?"

Janice:" How about Macedonia?"

Mel:" Macedonia? (her eyes widened ) We are going back to Greece.... Are we going to look for the missing scrolls? Are we?"

Janice: "Yes"

Mel: " When to we leave?"

Janice:" As soon as we get approval and sanction from the Center."

Mel: The Center?

Janice:" Yes

Mel I want this expedition to be sanctioned and I want our findings to be accepted by the archaeological community. I applied for a research grant form the Center for Xena Studies. And Mel, we got the grant.... The Center is funding the research. We can go to Greece.... we can prove that Xena and Gabrielle were a team in every sense of the word. And maybe just maybe we can get Xena some of the credit she deserves for all the many skills that she left mankind.

Mel: do you think?

Janice: " I know"

The next day following Drs. Pappas and Covington busied themselves with the preparations for the dig. Travel arrangements, crew and guides...everything was in place. The only thing yet to be done was the final paper work for the Center. It was agreed that the Center would act as the communications agent for the expedition and that the Center staff would handle any and all press releases. In return the two archaeologists were afforded all staff privileges and would as adjunct faculty to speak about the previous as well as any newfound scrolls. Once all things were in order the expedition headed for Greece with hopes of finding what they were seeking...

The trip to Greece was short and the trek to Macedonia was the most difficult part of the journey. Mel and Janice joked ...they wondered if Xena and Gabrielle had traveled this very road. Mel was superstitious.... She asked Janice not to joke about the Warrior Princess. Because she did not want to have her body possessed again by the ghost of Xena. Mel was proud of her heritage but a warrior she wasn’t and the power and strength of WP ...still scared her a bit.

Janice always secretly wished she had been Xena’s descendant but she was equally blessed by being from Gabrielle’s lineage.  Each wondered about their ancestors.... They must have settled down and had families or they would not exist in the present.... But their were no written details not anything thing in the Xena scrolls that they currently possessed...The question still remained what ever happened to the warrior and the bard?

Base camp was set up and the dig was underway... Mel kept saying out loud..."let’s get the scrolls and get out here..." I don’t want to run into Xena or Ares on this expedition. Janice kept reassuring her that Ares was safely locked away in his underground tomb...and Xena well they would be no reason for her essence to make an appearance.

The dig went on for 3 months with no luck...The grant from the Center was for a 6-month expedition and they had reached the halfway point.... Janice was beginning to doubt herself and her intuition. Could her ancestor not written about the intimate moments with the Warrior Princess...was it all talk handed down through her family?

Mel was getting increasingly nervous about the dig. She was beginning to have dreams about the Warrior Princess, Gabrielle and Ancient Greece. Janice tried to reassure her that the dreams were brought on by the anxiety over the dig.

Mel was pretty much bored since her task was to translate any newfound scrolls.... And basically she was feeling useless...Mel would spend her day re-translation copies of the original scrolls or just walking in the countryside.

It was on one such walk Mel had the experience of a life time...Mel had been walking for about a half hour from the dig when she fell and twisted her ankle...In great pain Mel made it to the side of the road under a tree. She knew her ankle was broken...As she sat there in agonizing pain...through the pain came a vision.  A vision that scared the bejesus out of Mel. It was the Warrior Princess....

WP: "So Melinda Pappas you’re back here again and what do you want of me? "

Mel: "I...I...I... want nothing.... (shaking) you are an illusion, I’m hallucinating."

XWP: Hardly.  You called me.... You have been since your arrival.

Mel: No I think you are mistaken ...I was hoping you would not appear.

XWP: " And you’re my descendant at least the other one has a fire in her.... Hmmm she is a lot like Gabrielle...Gabrielle would be pleased. "

Mel: " then why are you here? "

XWP: " The scrolls of course I know that you are looking for the missing scrolls. "

Mel: " Missing scrolls? So there are others..."

XWP: " Yes, all the private moments written down as remembrances. We never meant for them to be made public"

Mel." So it is true...that you two were in love..."

XWP:" Yes, it didn’t start out that way but it grew from a deep friendship to much, much more...Yes I loved her and she loved me ...We still do.... Love transcends space and time.... So I suppose Mel Pappas you want the scrolls?"

Mel: sheepishly" well kind of..."

XWP:" well then ask for them."

Mel, with a bravery she could muster" may I have the scrolls"

XWP:" if you follow my directions and you will get your request"

Mel:" But how?" With that the spirit vanished .......

Mel woke up about an hour later.... Not remembering much the vision was blurry but her fear was gone and her ankle was no longer injured. What happened in the woods? There was a gap of time about 11/2 hour she could not account for. She walked back to base camp puzzled. She went to her tent and began the task of translating again...

As she lost her herself in translation she fell into a Zen like state, once in this state she began to remember what had transpired in the woods. Mel mused to herself that it must be the heat. She was beginning to get delirious. But the more she meditated the clearer the vision became. Mel was going to have to tell Janice, yet she didn’t want her to think she had went round the bend. She would have to be delicate and bring it up in a way so that Janice wouldn’t think she was nuts.

Janice was in the field supervising the dig. She was becoming frustrated by the lack of progress. So she decided to take a break and go see how Mel was coming along with the endless translations. As Janice entered the tent Mel was sitting at the makeshift desk making notes.

But not notes from the translations...she was writing down everything she could remember about the ghostly meeting in the woods. She was intent on her project she didn’t even hear or see Janice walk in. Janice stood there for a moment and just watched her friend busy at work...wishing she could tell her how beautiful she was and how much she cared for her...after a few seconds she decided to gently interrupt her.

Janice:" Mel....ahem...Mel"

Mel:" What.... What.... I was writing I didn’t hear you come in I am sorry did you need something."

Janice:" I just came into talk to you about the dig....it’s not going well"

Mel:" how so?"

Janice:" We haven’t found anything, nothing not even a vase or a shard of pottery, I think we need to more the dig...It is like everything vanished from the previous dig. Mel, I know there are more scrolls ...and I mean to find them...I am not leaving Greece until I do."

Mel:" Oh hm hm I have something I need to talk to you about too...geez you are going to think I am crazy or it’s the heat.... But I have something to tell you and I don’t know how."

Janice:" Try starting at the beginning and then just spit it out"

Mel:" Well I went for a walk in the woods this afternoon and I ended up in the woods. I fell and broke my ankle."

Janice:" I hate to tell you this there is nothing wrong with your ankle..."

Mel:" Let me finish...my ankle was broken...I made it to a tree and sat there for a while maybe 2 hours. I was in so much pain. This is where it gets weird...all of a sudden I was not alone. At first I could feel a presence then there she was...standing there in front of me.... in all her glory ...leather and brass, raven hair, tall and beautiful.

Janice: who?

Mel: It was her. Xena:Warrior Princess or at least it was her ghost

Janice: her ghost?

Mel: "yes her ghost.... She said I called for her to help to get the scrolls.... And she told me that there are in fact the other scrolls. She said if we did as she asked she would lead us to them...."

Janice: what does she want?

Mel: "She didn’t say----but she did say she liked your spunk...and she wished you were the one that was her descendant...."

Janice: "Oh say you did see her ghost...How’s come your ankle isn’t broken?"

Mel: "she healed it before she left. She said that we have to agree on what she asks for when she says. So do you agree?"

Janice: "yea sure whatever...if it gets us the scrolls...I do think you have been working too hard."

Mel: "That maybe but I going to do what Xena wants I want the scrolls.... I want to know the truth."

Janice and Mel talked about the day’s events into the early hours of the morning...both decided to turn in just as the light of day was beginning to break through the night sky.... Mel was asleep before her head hit the pillow. Janice wanted to read over the dig notes for the day before she retired for the night. She kept dosing off as she read; she finally decided to go to sleep. As she began to drift off. A spectral visitor paid her a visit. "

Janice wake up...what is it with this family...we can sleep through an earthquake..." said the ghost.

Janice: "What?" ... as she focused on the visitor in front of her.... Janice was taken by the blonde hair and the green eyes...

Janice: who are you?

The ghost: Who do you think I am?

Janice: "I would guess by the outfit, the hair, the eyes.... You are Gabrielle the bard of Poteadia...Queen of the Amazon Nation."

Gab: "very good...You are smart too...you are definitely my descendant..."

Janice: So why are you here?

Gab: You want the private scrolls...I understand...

Janice: "Yes Yes I do I want to prove that you loved the warrior princess and she loved.... I know it but I can’t prove it and the scrolls contain nothing...you did love each other right?"

Gab:" We loved each other...and will for eternity...and we still do and the scrolls you speak of do exist but they are very private.... They tell of our most private moments together. We had never planned to share them they were just special memories...

Janice:" But we need to tell the world ....declare for the world that XWP and the bard were soulmates and that they loved each other for all time...the world needs to know"

Gab: "Well as you know here on the other side we exist in the love we had for each other on the physical plane...we are together and will be for all time...we both miss our physical bodies...even after 2000 years it is hard to get used to...."

Janice: not to be rude but what does this have to with the scrolls?

Gab: "okay this is the proposition...you can have the scrolls to do with as you want but in exchange Xena and I want the use of your bodies for 24 hours...we want to how can I say this ...we want to be able to touch each other and hold each other like when we were on the physical plane."

Janice:" Okay so you want to use our bodies....this doesn’t sound so bad....then we get the scrolls"

Gab:" Yes that it...that’s the deal...I want to be able to hold Xena in my arms once more and that would be worth any price...and you two are family so...I guess if we are going to reveal the scrolls it should be to you two."

Janice:" I agree.... Now I will have to ask Mel...but she will agree I am sure of it..."

Gab: "okay then.... Go to the woods...day after tomorrow before daybreak...and the bargain will begin.... Oh and bring a large picnic basket with lots of food.... And make sure there are olives..." And with those words she was gone.....

Janice didn’t realize her evening with her visitor had lasted so long...she ran in to wake up Mel.

Janice:" Mel ...Mel wake up.... I believe you...I believe you..."

Janice told her tale of the previous evening and her visit from Gabrielle...then she told her of the pact that they must agree to so that they can get the scrolls.

Mel: Count me in....she was smiling...She was thinking about Janice secretly thinking about how it would be to make love to her...Janice was visibly happy that Mel had agreed...they talked about what was going to happen in the next 24 hours. They wondered if they would remember anything or be aware of what was transpiring between Xena and Gabrielle. And they were curious as to what their bodies were going to be used for. Only time would tell. Janice was thinking about the arrangement and was secretly in so in love with Mel she wished she could make her feelings known....

The next 24 hours could not pass quick enough for Mel and Janice. It was the early in the morning of the designated day. Both ladies were up most of the night. They decided to go to the woods early to the place where Mel had first encountered the Warrior princess. The brought along all the items requested of them. A blanket, a very large picnic basket full of food, and then they waited. They didn’t have long to wait.... As they sat on the ground...the vision of two specters appeared.

Xena spoke," Are you ready? We will be in control of your bodies for the next 24 hours"

Gab," By the time is up you will know every thing you need to about the love of the warrior princess and her bard and that is a promise."

Janice and Mel nodded that they were ready and with the wave of the hand as if by magic the spirits of Xena and Gabrielle were flesh once again...As they invaded the bodies of the two archaeologists, Mel and Janice were fully aware of their surroundings but were not able to speak or have any control... On the other hand the two spirits were reveling in the borrowed forms. Gabrielle began to run around in circles whist the warrior princess did several back flips while yelling her war cry.

Xena:" That felt so good...I never knew how much I missed that."

Gab:" me too but I am hungry"

Xena: "Somehow I knew you would be...that is why the picnic basket was part of the bargain.... We have been without bodies for 2000 years and the first time you think of is food!"

Gab:" It’s been a long time between meals...(chuckling)"

Xena:" I can think of some thing better than food...come here you!"

Gab: (holding a fried chicken leg)..."yes?"

As time stood still for Janice and Mel ...they could sense that they were about to witness just how strong the feelings were between their ancestors...They could feel the love and the caring as if they were Xena and Gabrielle themselves.... In fact for the next 24 hours they were.

With each passing moment they became more and more aware of the emotions coursing through their veins...

They could feel they actions that their bodies were playing out even though they could not control them.

On the other hand the ghostly duo were beginning to feel the effects of the physical plane as well as its joys but it’s restrictions as well. In the astral plane there was never a need to verbalize...thoughts were just known...they were just understood.

Each member of this strange quad was dealing with the events in their own way. Xena watched as her friend and lover ate until she was ready to bust.

Even in death the bard spoke of her love for food often...it was a temporal passion that she missed. To her food was always more of a religious experience and with her appetite she was quite spiritual. Xena was growing impatient with Gabrielle...she decided to take matters into own hands.... She grabbed her and drew her into a fierce hug. A hug that would have choked a bear.

Gabrielle realized she had pressed her luck with the Warrior Princess.... Something she had done so many times in the past...They had just 24 hours and she knew that Xena had no intention of wasting a precious moment of it.

Xena:" Did you know where the scroll is?"

Gab:" It is right over there where we buried it so long ago..."

Xena:" I still don’t know what all the fuss is about...I loved you...and still do and you loved me.... Still do..."

Gab:" I guess I should have written some of this in the original scrolls...but I didn’t think anyone would want to read about it..."

Xena:" who would think that our private moment would generate such an interest..."

Gab:" I can’t believe these two (Mel and Janice) have spent the last few years translating my scrolls and searching for our private one..."

Xena:" They have and I suppose we should give them what they want...any just maybe after this is over they will finally realize what they really want.......smirking at Gabrielle"

Gab:," Do remember when I started writing this scrolls...(hugging the Warrior princess who was already sucking on Gabrielle neck)..."

Xena: " uh what...(her mind was else where)" Gabrielle begins to read the scrolls...

G: First I will take you to my secret place—a get a way place...Picture if you will a river in the woods, a small jetty juts out into the water...It is peaceful and quiet...no one is around for miles...I come to this place along the river when I need to think... It is very private I found it by accident about 15 years ago.... The only marker of civilization is a tombstone from 94 BC It marks the grave of a woman named Elisha...she and she alone watches the water here...I always bring her a flower when I visit...she is long since forgotten but not by me...The area is lush with greenery but not it now winter and a few of the trees are bare of leaves...but for the most part the area is covered in fir trees.

I spread a blanket on the ground to provide a warm place to sit. In the basket that I have brought there is cheese, fruit and olives (you know that olives have remarkable properties).... Of course I brought wine...a light white wine...a sweet May wine...the bouquet is bittersweet and has a woodsy flavor....

We sit gazing at each other for what seems and eternity...Who will make the first move? We both think about it but hesitate.... Finally with much anticipation.... I lean forward gently placing a tentative kiss on your lips...then pause then a longer one follows...I feel the air beginning to be sucked from my lungs.... My heart is in my throat...I can’t talk...

I move from your lips to your neck slightly biting and licking as I reach your pulsing vein...I concentrate on this area waiting for your response...

X: Mmmm... I tilt my head; my eyes closed as you lick my neck, a faint moan escaping my lips. With one hand I drag my long dark hair to the side, allowing you better access. My other hand caresses your back, dragging fingernails down the line of your spine, slipping underneath your shirt to feel your hot, silky skin against my palm. I lean forward to nibble on your ear...you can hear my breath coming in ever-shorter gasps. I break away...a hand reaches up to caress your cheek, moving around to trace the line of your lips before moving slowly downwards...along your neck until my fingers touch the fabric of your blouse...I slowly begin to unbutton it, my blue eyes staring into yours.

G: My green eyes stare back at the sea of blue my blonde hair is blowing in the breeze—I am lost in the vision in front of me...I step forward into you.... I tremble as you fumble with the buttons of the green blouse.... My body betrays me. I place my hands on yours gently rubbing your soft skin...As the last button is unfastened.... The blouse hangs loosely revealing my ample milky white breasts. The nipples of which ache from their hardness...I sigh...I resume the assault on your neck...starting at its base and traveling up it’s length around your cheek, to your soft sweet lips.... I descend on those waiting lips and I pause as my tongue pushes against your lips for entry.... I feel your hot breath.... The tips of our tongues touch.... There is a jolt of electricity between us...our tongues do battle with each other.... They become engaged in a wild passion dance all their own.... The heat between us is rising - each of us begin to breathe in shallow bursts...I find my hands are firmly massaging your buttocks...

X: I close my eyes, losing myself in your kiss, feeling the sensuousness of your soft lips as I explore your mouth with my tongue. With hands that are no longer my own I move the folds of your blouse aside and cup your breasts, kneading them gently, sighing at the softness of your skin. I begin to play my thumbs across your hardened nipples, your soft moans increasing my own arousal. I can feel the heat between my thighs, the moisture that must surely be forming around my center. Tentatively, I slowly drag my fingers down your stomach until they reach the line of your skirt...from here I trace a path back and forth across your stomach, feeling the muscles quiver, gradually growing more bold...slowly undoing your belt...

G: I begin to remove your bodice and uncovering the most precious sight. My mouth is drawn to your now freed breast. I suck and lick each with delight...alternating so not to neglect either of these gems.... I feast on the ambrosia before me; I take your lips in a deep searing kiss. Our tongues thrust into one another once more. Breathing is becoming more rapid and labored. Your breasts show their arousal with fully erect nipples. This excites me even further causing the wetness in my center to become evident to your probing hand. As your thumb and forefinger work their magic on my nipples—I fall forward into your touch. My back arches slightly.... As you continue I feel warmness in my very core. It starts as a slow ember then moves to a raging fire. I take your hand pushing it down to release the belt buckle also trying to guide your loving hand to its destination.

X: My gasps as you suck on my breasts are cut short as you once again capture my lips with yours, our tongues dueling fiercely. Having unbuckled your belt I now, slowly, begin remove your skirt...I have to control my lusts - I want to take you quickly but I force myself to remain calm, though my arousal is great. Very slowly I slide my hand beneath your panties to caress your sopping mound, gliding my fingers across your moist opening, hearing you groan into my mouth. I remove my hand, raising my fingers to my lips so I can taste your juices...it only makes me want more...I long for you to squirm on my tongue...with trembling fingers I start to slide your skirt off...

G: As you pull at my skirt, I pull your leather dress off to reveal your totally naked body.... You surprise me with no breeches...I am in awe...I drop to my knees in the shadow of the goddess before me.... I am drawn to your center...I see it glisten in the sunlight ...you push me back to make me wait for the heavenly feast.... I pull you down to the blanket...as we recline our lips are joined in a tender kiss.... Which becomes deeper and more sensuous...our tongue once more are entangled with one another...our hands caress each other bodies.... rubbing and massaging...

X: As our tongues do battle, my hand drifts slowly down your stomach...pausing for brief moments before continuing on to stroke your damp center...the heat and wetness arouses me and I moan into your mouth. I tease you at first, delicately tracing a line along your hole before slowly inserting a finger...it slides in easily and I feel your juices wash over my hand. I gently begin to move it in and out of you, feeling your muscles tense as you gasp. Not breaking our kiss, I start pushing you back onto the ground...I’m eager to taste your nectar...

G: I am gasping for air...I.... I...I...I can not think my mind is overcome...I.... have...no ......control......I am at your mercy...my breath is hot as is the fire in my center......I push into your hand----I am pleading for more... (you are whispering to me)---a second finger joins the first...your thumb is gently rubbing my bud...My head is thrown back and begin to claw on your back with my fingers...You withdraw your fingers...denying my release...you aim to tease me further...you bring your fingers to your lips.... showing me the prize.... I can barely focus...brought to the brink and back again.... I urge you to finish what you have started.... As you just smile that crooked smile...

X: I bring my fingers to my mouth, slick with your juices...tasting you. I push you back and kneel between your legs, leaning forward I take a nipple in my mouth, lavishing attention upon it with my tongue...gradually moving lower...leaving a trail of saliva down your stomach...dipping my tongue into your belly button before continuing until I’m nuzzling at your soft curls. With one hand I stroke the inside of your thigh, lightly running my fingernails across your soft skin...you can feel my hot breath on your center, my mouth only an inch away...

G: I am on the brink.... Your touch is driving me wild---I urge you on...I spread my legs to give you better access...my hands touch the top of your head pushing you to my center.... I await your tongue with eagerness.... My juices are flowing with anticipation.... A raging fire is burning in my very core.... I want you now!!!!

X: I tease you for a few moments longer, lapping at the juices mingling with the sweat between your thighs...ever so slowly I run my tongue along your opening, barely touching you before parting your folds and burying it in your hole. I use my fingers to spread your lips, my thumb delicately rubbing your clitoris as I push my tongue in and out. Your moans only increase my own arousal, as well as my own flow of juices...I can feel it running down my thigh...

G: I moan I am nearing my zenith.... Please take me over the edge... drive your tongue deep please.... now.... I push against your face... I need to feel you in me...I want you all of you.... Deeper please ...deeper...the musky scent is driving my passion.... suck harder...I think of how I can wait to feel you under me...it drive wilder...my eyes are glossy.... harder...Please...

X: Pushing your legs wider apart I insert a finger into you, my tongue drifting across your clitoris as I slide my finger in and out. My other hand strokes your stomach, occasionally sliding up to roughly caress your breast. I moan into your hole as I feel your body tremble beneath mine, as I continue to lap passionately at your mound...

G: You are driving me to beyond the Elysian Fields my body is totally in your control.... You drive a second finger into me...the tremors are beginning.... my muscles are tightening around your hand....my head thrashes from side to side.... I howl out your name...I lose consciousness for a few moments.... I am not breathing...you hold me tight as the wave washes over me...after several minutes reality returns...you smile.... I pull you up to me...we kiss and hold each other.... I tell you how much you mean to me...you smile...now that my strength is returning...in one fluid motion...I am on top of you...I begin with kissing your eye lids, your nose and I reach your mouth...slow tender kisses then I feel your tongue...

X: Mmmmm...I feel the electricity passing between us as I suck softly on your tongue, my hand in your hair pulling your lips tighter against mine...my other hand slides along your back, feeling your hot silky skin, covered in a film of sweat...I lay back beneath you, lost in our embrace...my mound aching with anticipation of the pleasure to come...

G: I can feel the pulsing of your center as it rubs against my thigh.... This arouses me to new heights...I suck on your tongue even harder...you are moaning...and you have both of your hands massaging my butt.... There is no question of your arousal.... we break the kiss...I begin kiss my way down to your creamy breasts.... I have to stop here and linger on these precious gifts.... Sucking and massaging...with the hardening of your nipples...it brings out the animal in me...

X: I gasp, my head thrown back as your tongue plays across my breasts...the heat builds in my mound, spreading throughout my body, the feel of your lips upon my skin driving me to new heights of arousal...I slide my hand down to lightly tease my center, my fingers slick with my fluids as I growl deeply with desire...I long to feel your warm tongue within me...

G: I capture your soft lips with mine, my tongue seeking yours as I grind my hips into your body. My fingernails rake your butt as I moan into your mouth, feeling your breasts rub against mine as we embrace. My eyes plead to you for release... as you begin to pleasure yourself....I stop to watch....this arouses me even further. Your fingers tease your center. One finger then another.... you moan as you bring yourself to the edge. At this point I touch your hand to stop you. I bring your hand to my lips...I lick the ambrosia from your fingers...Then a draw you into a kiss so you can taste yourself on my lips...

X: I growl deeply, my hand caressing your hair as you tease my sensitive nipples...the feel of your warm, wet tongue on my skin makes me tremble beneath you...reaching between us I gently squeeze your breast, your small moans exciting me further as I urge you to go lower... My arousal is heightened by the touch of your breasts to mine. I kiss your lips and drop to your breasts licking each one alternating between the right then the left. My hand begins to rub your stomach...slowing making it way to your thigh. Once on your thigh I draw small circles with my fingers until I inch my way closer to your slick folds. The aroma of your juices excites both our passions...

X: I see your desire and it makes me smile. I move slowly to your thighs and begin to lap at them.... cleaning your juices that have slipped from within...I feel the heat of your hot center and I can hardly wait to begin licking at your thick juices ......I begin to tease at your folds........I spread my thighs further, allowing you better access with your tongue, draping one leg across your back and pulling you tighter against me...I brush my sweat-soaked hair back from my face...when your tongue touches my sensitive mound a moan escapes my lips as my back arches...I lift my hips towards your mouth, longing for the sensuous feel of your lips upon my center...

G: The aroma of your hot center invades my senses. I can’t no longer control the passion and desire that I have for you. I once again take your lips to mine, as I want to feel your tongue on mine. I tease at your center with my index finger, flicking at your bud.... I can tell that you want more...I break the kiss so I can use my tongue to torment your hot center.

X: I throw my head back as I moan deeply, the feel of your tongue inside me driving me rapidly towards release...I place a hand on your head, stroking your soft hair as your lips caress my mound...my other hand playing across my breasts, squeezing the erect peaks as I writhe on your talented tongue, my breathing becoming more rapid...

G: I raise my self up so I can look into your eyes. I know your release is near. I want you to see the love I feel at this very instance. I smile at you then I continue...I place a single digit in to you and it is covered immediately cover in the nectar of the gods. I resume licking at your wetness...

X: A smile toys with my lips as we stare into each other’s eyes.... Our needs and desires seen in each other’s eyes. our intense feelings...your work your magic with your tongue it drives me over the edge again and again......I love you my bard......I will love you always and forever........

G: I love you my Warrior Princess...

The lovemaking was wild as it had taken them through the night...and it was about dawn the next day.... hugging for the last time ...the spectral once again pledged their undying love to one another...And Janice and Mel finally understood...that this love they witnessed would never die...and they both felt than ever connected to their ancestors. Mel was left there standing holding in her hand the scroll that she was promised…Janice in her hand held another...as she read she smiled...it was a note thanking her from the Bard of Poteadia.... it told her not to waste any more time, and to tell Mel how she felt as the time on the earthly plane is too short...

She looked up from her scroll and a look passed between each of the archaeologists...no words were needed...they pulled each other into an embrace. And from the astral plane Xena looked at Gabrielle..." Our work is done here...let’s go..." and they fade to the other side...




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