Shattered Mirror
by Elf
10 June 02

The ground stretches before me
A bleak vista devoid of the colors of life.
The terrain dips and curves mindlessly,
Making every pathway treacherous to cross
While in the distance is refuge.

A forest, lush and green,
Calls to me.
It's a place of hope before the
Journey into the mountains
Wreathed silver with age.
A journey of sadness and hope
Taking place where few humans have walked
And time has stood still.

Pale ash stirs in a restless breeze
Before coming to rest on gray rocks
Jutting from the torn land.
Trees as barren as the circle I stand in
Stand sentry over the unmarked graveyard.

Relief floods through me,
Quickly followed by overwhelming sadness
That it came to this.
The darkness has receded and
The light burns brightly once more...
But at what cost?
Our humanity?

The answer sends shivers down my spine
And I lean back, weary in body and spirit.
You're there, as always,
Offering unfailing support to me
As I offer unfailing support to you.

And into that circle of death
Our combined strength brings life.


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